Extension material

In 2015, the EFICAS project produced different extension materials (posters, leaflets) related to on-farm experiments tested with farmers.

- EFICAS, 2015. Improving large ruminants livestock systems. Technical Brief N°01/2015.

- EFICAS, 2015. Sustaining cereal production in the Uplands using pigeon pea. Technical Brief N°02/2015.

- EFICAS, 2015. Protecting riparian areas using Cardamom. Technical Brief N°03/2015.

- EFICAS, 2015. Improved forage management. Poster (Lao).

- EFICAS, 2015. How to make silage and feedboxes. Poster (Lao).

- EFICAS, 2015. Forage species. Poster (Lao).

A handbook on Conservation Agriculture experience in Lao PDR is also available:

Extension materials on "Living soils" are also available (Thai):

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