WP3: Multi-stakeholder communication platform

Favoring the continuous capitalization and sharing of knowledge

The objective of WP3 is to create an enabling institutional environment to support the impact pathway of project activities towards improved community livelihoods and climate resilience.

EFICAS project interacts with different projects and institutions active in project target districts to define the conditions necessary to replicate success stories in other villages and districts (out-scaling) and to draw lessons that will feed evidence-based policy design (up-scaling).

Scale Partners Partnership and coordination mechanisms
National NUDP §  Participation to NUDP-NPCO monthly meetings
§  Partnerships with NUDP –GiZ component on PLUP and PALM approaches
§  Partnership with NUDP-lot C on technical issues (capacity building, M&E)
ADB Livestock §  Partnership on training content (forage technologies, animal health) and inputs (animal medicine supply)
CDE §  Discussions on database design and management with the team involved in Laodecide.la
Provincial - PGY CARE §  Partnership on training content (forage technologies, animal health) in Mai district
World renew §  Experience exchanges in Mai and Samphan districts
Provincial - LPG Agrisud §  Co-implementation in Phouthong and Muang Moy TSC (Viengkham district)
Agroforex §  Discussions on stick lak production and commercialization in Pakseng district
Provincial - HP GRET-SNV §  Discussion on forest resources management (especially bamboo) in Viengxay district
CliPAD §  Co-implementation and data sharing in Houamuang district

The main operations related to WP3 are presented below:

Activities Operations
Diagnosis 3D1. Take stock of experiences in the governance of innovation networks
3D2. Incentives to adoption of good practices
Action 3A1. Knowledge capitalization and dissemination
3A2. Partnership management and coordination mechanisms
Monitoring 3M1. Project impact assessment for evidence-based policy formulation
3M2. Participatory simulations of long term impact pathways

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