Activities & methods

Community livelihoods and resilience to climate change are improved through 3 complementary work packages (WPs):

WP1: Village landscape management

  • Engaging village communities in designing low-carbon emission strategies,

WP2. Participatory innovation network

  • Engaging development stakeholders in testing agroecological practices adapted to local contexts,

WP3. Multi-stakeholder communication platform

  • Creating an enabling environment to broad scale dissemination of alternative production systems through participatory learning approaches, and formulation of evidence-based policies.

The internal organization of the three thematic work packages is very similar.

It comprises a first phase of diagnosis, setting up the baseline associated with each work package activity, followed by action, i.e. concrete interventions to showcase a number of options and then monitoring and evaluation to assess the results of the actions, reorient/adapt them if necessary as part of a reflexive loop and draw lessons necessary to disseminate (out-scale) or generalize (up-scale) the results obtained.

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